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3 Taadi Girls Wahala: So They Should Sack Me And Bring Your Mother? - Madam Tiwaa Asks Critics

Madam Tiwaa of the Police Administration in Ghana isn't happy at all. She doesn't understand why Ghanaians wants her sacked after she revealed that the three girls who were kidnapped were ok. However, latest findings seems not to go well with her statement made sometime ago.

From the look of things, it seems all hope is gone for the three girls. This particular situation have pushed a lot of Ghanaians on the street with some asking the leader of the CID to step down.

However, when interviewed by our journalist, Kofi Yehowah, Madam Tiwaa revealed that she is not stepping down today or tomorrow.

 I don't understand some people. So, they want their mothers to take over? We are working so people should let us have our peace”.

Now, as to whether this woman will still be in her position will soon be exposed by the space of time.


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