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Beyoncé Featured Shatta Wale Because Her Husband And Shatta Have ‘One Thing In Common’ - Okraku Mantey

Shatta Wale has just entered history book in his career after top award winning star Beyoncé, decided to feature him on her Lion King album. This particular collaboration have so far been celebrated by a lot of people. Whiles others are jumping to it, Okraku Mantey is not impressed at all.

When interviewed by our Journalist, Kofi Yehowah, the radio entertainer revealed that Shatta Wale was only featured because Jay Z, who is the husband to Beyoncé has one thing in common with the Ghana man.

 It is simple. They all have a big mouth. Check Jay Z's mouth and compare it with Shatta Wale. No difference. 

Now, our question is: is this really why Shatta Wale was featured? Now, what do you think is the reason? Let's hear from you.


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