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British Airways Carrying Christians Attacked By Birds Of Prey- PHOTOS

Have you seen anything like this? According to a viral online report, a British Airways plane was attacked on air by birds of prey that completely damaged the aircraft. it took a lot of efforts before the pilots were able to land the plane.

Planes carrying Christians worshipers were forced to have an emergency landing in China yesterday after they were violently attacked by strange birds. Strangely, all 10 planes carrying ordinary passengers were not attacked by vicious eagles except those carrying Christians.

“It happened this morning as our plane was about to take off,the Devil and his Demons in forms of birds attacked the plane on air,they wanted to brake into the pilot positions and finally make the plane fall down and crash.

Our lord Jesus Christ said it was not yet our time”, said Pastor Brian yesterday after he disembarked from the plane.
Information from was also used in this report.

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