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‘Don’t Marry An Unemployed Woman’ — Late Terry Bonchaka’s Sister, Shantana Advises Men

The late Terry Bonchaka‘s sister, Shantana has shared her opinion on the type of woman a man should get married to.

Shantana claimed in a recent interview that if a woman is broke and jobless, there’s no need for a man to marry her because he will be importing serious problems upon himself.

“Marrying a lady who is not financially sound is just like importing all the burdens of this world into your house, it’s about time Ghanaian women start backing their men financially, ladies! start doing some meaningful jobs and your men would love you greatly.

“God has blessed women with a sharp memory and the ability to handle multiple tasks yet most women wouldn’t put their brains to use but rather pester men with mobile money calls for a living, which a disgrace to womanhood, you can be extremely beautiful but your inability to support your man financially at home will make you look like a tattered jeans.”


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