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Lady Wants Vehicle To Hit Her Because Living In Accra Is Financially Difficult

People are really struggling due to lack of jobs. People travel from rural areas to the Accra for greener pastures. Only a few of them get lucky and eventually get some menial jobs to do.
The unlucky ones have to keep struggling and if they still don’t get anything to do, they go back to where they came from.
Well, a lady, who also travelled from her native town to Accra in search of a job, tried killing herself because she did not get a job.
According to her, every time she goes out to look for a job, men ask for sex before they give her the job and she refuses to give in because she is a Christian.
She also claimed that she does not have money to pay for transportation fare to go back to her native town and whenever she goes out to beg, she is not given any.
As a result of all the problems she is facing in Accra, she decided to lie on the road for a car to pass over her so that she can die.
Some have also claimed that this is something she normally does to get people to give her money.
Whichever way it is… the hustle is real on this side of town.

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