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Make Tonga Free For Us If There Is No Campaign Message - KNUST Students Begs John Mahama

John Mahama is likely to win the hearts of students from Kwame Nkrumah University For Science and Technology if only He does their wish for them.

According to latest information reaching us, a newly created group within the campus known as TYU (Tonga Youth Union) is begging the ex president to reconsider and add free Tonga species to his campaign message for the 2020 elections.

 Nowadays, it is very disheartening that even after paying all monies and saying all the sugar coated words, we are still unable to get Tonga. This situation is making life unbearable on campus. 

The group revealed in a press release attended by our Journalist, Kofi Yehowah that, life on campus is no more enjoyable because of the tight security. Male students finds it difficult to even visit the other section.

 We have heard that the ex president wants to return. We want him to know that we will vote massively for NDC if only Tonga can be made accessible to all students.

They therefore advocated that, the NDC should try and add their message to their campaign promises and they will sweep all the votes in all campuses scattered across Ghana.

But as to whether John Mahama and the rest of the NDC will accept this proposal is still a debate.


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