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Tearful Patapaa Begs His Black Girlfriend To Accept Him After Germany Obroni Runs Away

For sometime, the one corner hitmaker, Patapaa seems to be quiet on social media. His songs are no longer coming as thought. This situation is strange so we sent our Journalist, Kofi Yehowah to find out.

Latest reports reaching us now indicates that, Patapaa is currently asking some friends to help beg his ex girlfriend to accept him back. This particular apology has become possible after Patapaa realized that his Obroni girlfriend has not only cheated but gone out with other artistes.

Our source also revealed that his German Obroni is even out of the country. Patapaa is therefore back to square one as he runs back to his ex girlfriend for forgiveness. But as to whether his ex will accept the apology is another topic for another day.

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