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‘There Is Absolute Nothing Wrong If You Have Intercourse With Your Partner In Her Period’

Popular Kenyan media personality, Janet Mbugua, has claimed that there is absolutely nothing wrong in having sex with a lady on her period.
The TV news anchor made these comment during a recent question and answer session with her followers on YouTube.
She, however, noted that not everyone is ‘okay’ with having sex during period, but she also mentioned that certain safety measures need to taken to avoid pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong, I just think you have to take certain precautions, you have to have a towel, you have to make sure that you’ve covered the sheets I guess. Some people find it very messy but I don’t there is anything wrong per say in terms of is it a health risk etc. Just take precautions is what I would say and here is another thing I would say, have your partner wear a latex condom if possible. It will protect against pregnancy and STIs,” she said.
Mbugua also said she still experiences a painful period if she fails to take contraceptives.
“I had a lot of pain during my periods, I still do and if I don’t take contraceptives I still have the pain. Ended up that I have ovarian cysts growing so I had a laparoscopy that was many years ago. Because my pain was so bad I felt like there was something wrong about that,” she said.

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