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Tonto Dikeh Posts Message Allegedly from An Assasin Hired to Kill her – READ

Tonto Dikeh took to social media to post an email she claims is from an assassin who was hired by someone to kill her.
The email was allegedly from this assassin, who reached out to Tonto and told her to pay him an amount of money so he would not kill her but would rather expose who sent him.
This obvious scamming email got Tonto bothered and she took to social media, posted the email whilst threatening to rather go after the assassin.
“This assassin talks way too much…But you can be sure of ONE THING I will get you…@nigerianpolice@aishambuhari@muhammadubuhari#I promise you this will be your last email #I will get you and make you pay for stressing me by reading this sh*t…” she wrote.
Just like MoMo scammers in Ghana, the email scammers are just getting more and more creative with the scams they pull.
Tonto should certainly know better, although a threat to your life is not exactly something to brush off easily.

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