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Two street preachers 'fight' in Kumasi

Two ‘street preachers’ tussled over a spot in the bustling market in Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

A twitter user Serwaa Amihere posted a two-minute video showing the men engaged in verbal exchanges before it got slightly physical.

The identities of the two men is not known. What is known is that street preaching is now a business in Kumasi where preachers solicit for coins to support what they say is God’s work.

Blasting Bible verses and loud music over speakers often beyond allowable limit, these preachers position themselves in areas they believe is most likely to draw the most attention and sympathy.

The twitter user explained that in this occasion, one preacher turned up for work late only to find another mounting his equipment and already working at his favourite spot.

The late comer tried to dislodge the unwelcome competitor, occasionally using scriptures to stake what he believed is his rightful claim to a public spot.

There was a state of pandemonium in a market in Kumasi as two self styled evangelists were seen fighting for space to preach.

The pastors who were very “passionate” about preaching the word of God to the market women and passerbys begun exchanging words after one of the pastors.. 

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