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School Bus Runs Over Bus Conductor At Koforidua

Sad reports reaching us indicate that a bus conductor has been run over by a bus at Koforidua. Per what we gathered, the incident happened today at a place called Agartha road in Koforidua.
Narrating how the incident occurred, a source said the bus is for the Pentecost JHS students and it is used in conveying the pupils to and from school.
This after, as the bus was going about its normal duties dropping off the pupils to their various homes, this sad incident happened.
Upon getting to the said spot, that is the Agarta Road, they dropped some pupils and the bus conductor whose name is yet to be known decided to cross the road with the pupils.
However, after successfully crossing the road with the kids, he got back and in an attempt to jump back unto the moving bus, he slipped.
The bus was moving then so it walked over the conductor thus making him die right on the spot.

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