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Social Media Users Have Condemned The Issue “Obaapa Christy Snatched My Husband” As Claimed by Former Wife

This is the third marriage of the award-winning songstress after her failed marriage with her former husband Pastor Love.
She is seen in a happy mood beautifully dressed in a video cited on social media, as she gets married in a traditional Marriage.
This has resulted in lot of interviews granted by former partners of the newly married couple.

In a recent interview granted which was followed clearly by by the former wife of the husband has been strongly condemned by social media users of which in reaction was posted to the same social media platform by a user.

This is what was posted as a reaction to the interview granted;
……I’m not supporting anyone or here to condemn but I think is high time this lady “Obaapa Christy’s rival” stop granting interviews…let Karma and nature talk for you…we have so many women who maltreat their husband’s paaa especially in abroad… GERMANY ….women got power here so they take advantage of things saaaa and treat their men badly when the men too get fed up and run away..they would be complaining …..I don’t know what really happened so I won’t talk much….

It was added again that, if that is the case then Pastor Love should also catch the lady, which is called “tit for tat”

This same interview was granted long time ago, about four years she came out with the same issue and now saying the same thing again, as claimed by the user.


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