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WATCH OUT: Emelia Brobbey set to drop a new single caption “Problem”

The sensation actress whom currently into music Emelia Brobbey who has been the icon of Ghanaians for the past week has shown up again this week clearing 
indicating that she’s not giving up.

For some days now, actress Emelia Brobbey who is now an active musician has not got a rest for her soul. This is due to a song she released dubbed “Fame ko” not long ago which most people wholly didn’t accept the song rather calling it as “BoLa”.

Through this, the actress has been mocked in all sought of ways as well as giving of new names from most of her closed colleagues celebrities.

Well, she came out to clear the about her satisfaction of their ‘mocks and names giving’ that they should continue because is rather raising her up to the top and they are sinking to the bottom.

In a post seen on social media today, Emelia Brobbey is yet to come out again with another new track titled “PROBLEM” which features  one of the finest rappers C- zar.

Now, the question is , “Is it a come back song?”  With this title.

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