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‘Careless’ Kan Dapaah shouldn’t continue as National Security Minister – Security Expert

A Security expert Adib Saani, has given reasons why the leaked tape of National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah in a romantic conversation with his alleged “side chick” makes him unfit to be National Security Minister, calling for his immediate resignation.

According to the Executive Director of Jatikay Centre Human Security and Peace Building, even though the Constitution of Ghana guarantees individuals the right to privacy, persons like Kan Dapaah when they get involved in such “reckless act and exercising such poor judgment” cannot latch on to privacy given that they are public officials from whom some degree of responsibility is expected.

“Even though the constitution guarantees all Ghanaians certain liberties including the right to privacy, the very moment you become a public figure, either through politics, entertainment or religion, you involuntarily jettison some of your privacy.  Principally, the privileges that come with political clout equally come with some degree of responsibility. 
Kan Dapaah represents a Ministry that exists to formulate, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of security and intelligence policies through the deployment of skilled human resources and modern technology for stakeholders to enhance security, freedom of the citizenry and national development. Hence, for him to get embroiled in such a reckless act and exercising such poor judgment speaks a lot about how messy a Kan Dapaah-led National Security Ministry is. 
If a National Security Minister can easily be set up by a lady and exposed in such a fashion, the probability of him getting compromised is certainly high, ” Mr Saani explained in a release copied to
He added that the leaked tape demonstrates that the National Security Minister lacks the much needed competence to run the minister, and has brought disrepute to the ministry.
“The implications ( from the leaked tape ) are dire; in the past, a lot of Ghanaians perceive the National Security architecture as a mysterious institution with well-trained agents you could not beat. With this act, even the criminals wouldn’t take us seriously,” he argued further.

 “Kan Dapaah has brought disrepute and shame to the institution. His continuous stay will mean a perpetuation of gross incompetence and ineptitude,” he affirmed.

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