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Company Sends Female Staff Home Over Lines Showing in Their Pant

Man narrates how CEO of Lagos company sends female staff home over their pant lines showing.
Narrating the experience, a Twitter user, Arinze Odira, took to his space on the microblogging platform to share something he knows about the CEO of a Lagos-based multi-billion naira company.
According to Arinze, this CEO sends his female staff home to get properly dressed if their pant lines are visible.
He also added that the boss is a perfectionist and pays attention to every detail.
Arinze tweeted;
“I know a young CEO of a multibillion naira company with an office in Ikoyi. He is in his early 30s This brother used to send his female workers home if their pant lining is visible.
He is such a perfectionist. He pays attention to every tiny detail. I felt he was a bit cynical.”

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