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‘I Still Have Performing Right of My Songs’ –MzVee tells Fans

Amidst the come-back of the former Lynx entertainment signee, MzVee , were rumours of not performing her songs which later became clandestine for public opinion.

MzVee, as it was heard, is not going to perform any of her songs recorded under her former record label which was seemed as ridiculous by most people.

Upon contacting, it was revealed that, one female artiste is serving this appalling kind of ban which was not actively aired to catch public notice which would have been dealt with.

This situation has called for music lovers and leaders to intervene by referring that agreement as ‘absurd’ and should quickly be out of the industry before further action could be taken.

The singer was out today, in an interview which monitored, when asked about the issue, audaciously told the public and particularly her fans; 

I still have performing right of my old songs, though am no more with Lynx Entertainment.”

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