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Queen Farcadi Advises Her 2-Year-Old Girl To Use Her Brain To Make Money From Men When She Grows (Video)

Popular Ghanaian prostitute Queen Farcadi has started ushering her 2-year-old daughter into the hookup business.
Like mother like daughter, Queen Farcadi with all she has been able to accomplish in life doing prostitution, wants her daughter to do same and even achieve more.
In a video sighted on social media, the international prostitute was seen advising her daughter to be smart and use her brains to make money from men when she grows.
Obviously, Queen Farcadi meant her daughter should be ready to offer herself to men for money.
About 5 years ago, top Ghanaian prostitute, Queen Farcadi opened up to be a high-class s*x worker who charges in dollars and have most of her clients as big men.
Apparently, she sees her job as an ideal profession to enroll her child in.
Watch the video below;


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