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The Business Development Ministry is of No Importance to Gahanaians – Dramani Mahama

Former President of Ghana and flagbearer of the National Democratis Congress (NDC), John Dramni Mahama says it’s needless to have set up the Business Development Ministry.
Akufo-Addo in his tenure has set up the Business Development Ministry to promote the private sector in Ghana.
But speaking to a section of the media in a Facebook Livestream event, the former President noted that it was needless setting up that Ministry.
“I don’t think that you need a Business Development Ministry to promote Private Sector Growth. We had the Ministry of Trade that was handling aspects of it, Finance was handling aspects of it and all that and I think that is sufficient.”
The flagbearer of the NDC indicated that he hasn’t seen anything that the Business Development Ministry since it was set up has done to boost the private sector.
He noted that he has said in the past that when he is voted back into power, the Business Development Ministry will be closed that because it falls under the umbrella of the one of the useless Ministries.
I’ve already said that when I come I will close down some Ministries I’ve categorized a useless. It is one of the Ministries under that category and I will close it down if I come back to power.”

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