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Don’t let the quest for childbirth push you into doing odd things – Mcbrown advises

Versatile Actress Nana Ama Mcbrown has advised women who do not have children of their own not to allow their circumstances to push them into odd places in search of children.

According to her, it’s better to wait upon the Lord than to take matters into your own hands.
She was speaking on “RESTORATION WITH STACY” about her plight when she made this known.
She said “I want to tell women who are having it difficult to bear children not to give up. God didn’t create anybody to be barren. Don’t be going to odd places for help if you’re looking for a child”.
Nana Ama Mcbrown who nearly lost hope of having her child after her marriage to her husband, Maxwell mentioned that she had plans to adopt a baby if things did not go on well for her.
“I told myself that if I have not conceived by the age of 45, I will go for adoption. If I had gone through all the processes to help me give birth but still not successful, I planned to convince my husband to adopt a baby for me.”
She noted that there were rumours of her exchanging her womb for fame but she couldn’t be bothered because she knew that wasn’t true.

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