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Government Of Mexico Returns Stolen Ancient Bronze Sculpture To Nigeria

The government of Mexico in it bid to have a cordial relationship with African countries have returned an ancient bronze sculpture they stole from Nigeria in time past.

The sculpture, is dated back to the 6th century southwestern Yoruba city of Ife. It shows a man wearing a hand made woven pants and a hat, sitting with his legs crossed and holding onto a musical instrument.

Diego Prieto, head of the agency, told a press conference that;
Specialists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History determined that it was a piece of Yoruba origin, a beautiful bronze piece, and that being of Nigerian heritage, it should return to it home.”

There has been no revelation as to who or what the sculpture represents or reasons why it was stolen to Mexico. The Mexican Foreign describes it as illegally exported . 

The Nigerian Ambassador Aminu Iyawa, commended the Mexican government for a good work done in returning what belongs to them.

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