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‘I Don’t Believe In God’; It’s A Colonial Mentality To Do- Shuga Titi Throws

Actress, Shuga Titi has admitted she is an atheist who either believe there’s no God nor in anything called God as proclaimed by Christians and Muslims.

According to her, she will believe there’s God only if he reveals him/herself to her as contained in the Bible
To her, the belief in some existing God is a colonial mentality which needs to be discarded by Ghanaians or those of the Christian faith
She made this known while speaking in an interview with Chris Handler.
She noted that the white man who colonized Africa left her with the mentality of some God which cannot be seen and therefore people should forget that there’s some God and work towards making things right for themselves.

She indicated that she has always engaged in fasting and prayers but never saw any results from it so that is an indication that God is not alive.

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