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JUST IN: 16-Year-Old Girl Attacks Slayqueen With Blade For Snatching Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

A teenage girl reported to be 16 years of age and identified as Isiwat has attacked a 16-year-old girl identified as Ayishat (Model).

From reports, Ayishat has been attacked by a gang of girls following allegations that she snatched a boyfriend belonging to one of her attackers.

The incident reportedly happened on the 14th of February, 2020 at River State in Nigeria.
Any issue concerning the incident revealed that, Isiwat accused Ayisha of snatching her boyfriend. She then planned with two other friends to attack Ayishat on Valentine’s day.
Two of the assailants have been apprehended by the police but Isiwat is currently on the run.

Photos below;

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