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Lionel Messi Jabs On Barcelona’s Technical Secretary, Eric Abidal

Pandemodium has risen in the last few days in the camp of Barcelona. Former player and current sporting director of Barcelona, Eric Abidal has beem in the news, discrediting Xavi as a first team coach and the attitude of players under former coach Enersto Valverde.

Abidal blames the players for the crisis in the team. He associated it to ” laziness ” which saw Valverde sacked. In his recent comment which he made, he said:
“A lot of the players were not satisfied and many of them were not working very hard”.

“To be sriously honest, I don’t like doing these things but I think that every person has to take responsibility for their own duties and the decisions they take. That includes the players, in what goes on out on the pitch – but we are the first ones to recognise when we haven’t played well. Those in charge of the Technical Area also need to assume their responsibilities and above all, the decisions that they make.

Messi, indeed is not happy with the comment made by the club sporting director.

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