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Nigeria Must Sort Out Problems With Information Sharing Before Visa Ban Can Be Reversed – US Ambassador Mary Beth

The United States of America under a strict order by President Donald Trump recently banned Nigeria for particular reasons relating to immigration and the wrongful sharing of information by Nigerians.

According to, the U.S ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, on her visit to the Nigerian Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, in Abuja, on Tuesday explained that the recent visa ban to Nigerians is resolvable, if certain conditions are met and correct information is given through the right channels.
Leonard explained that the US will like to see Nigeria work harder towards diversifying her economy and exploiting the huge entrepreneurial manpower abound in the country.
With issues relating to the visa ban, she said:
“I need to clarify something for you here. The immigrant visa ban does not affect people who are currently resident in the United States. It does not cancel the status of anyone who currently lives in the United States. 
What Secretary Pompey said was that it was meant to be temporary. And it is about problems with information sharing which are investigable, achievable and resolvable and we look forward to Nigeria in a very short time being able to meet those information sharing goal so that the decision can be reviewed,”
Student visas are not affected by the current visa ban.
The Ambassador said Nigeria should look inwards to exploit the huge entrepreneurial manpower and diversify her economy.

“I think for Nigeria you have an interesting story about diversification of your economy and prosperity of your economy and its people. You know Nigerians are so well known at home and abroad for their industriousness. You know you hear about how much of the activity in the informal sector. So I wonder how you think about capturing that entrepreneurial spirit and to bringing it into the formal sector in service and to enhance employment,” she said

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