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Rita Daniels Reveals How Her Daughter Regina Daniels, Saved Her Virginity for Marriage

One of the items in the yet to be launched Magazine by Nigeria’s Nollywood princess Regina Daniels is the story of which captured an interview Rita Daniels, mother of Regina Daniels has where she talked about her daughters’ virginity.
Rita Daniels revealed her daughter, who herein is possibly referring to Regina, saved her virginity for marriage.
The mother, who fired back at trolls accusing her of pushing her teenage daughter into marrying an old man indulged them to stop accusing her because Regina Daniels married willingly and was not coerced under any means.
According to Rita, Regina married Ned Nwoko, out of her own choice.
Regina Daniels Magazine is set to be launched in a few days time and details of this story is stipulated in them for your studying.


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