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President Of Guinea Bissau, Mr Cipriano Cassama Steps Down After One Day In Office

Mr Cipriano Cassama’s resignation from the presidency comes as a surprise to the public after ruling for just a day.

According to, Cipriano’s resignation was for safety reasons. He did it to preserve his life. It is revealed that prior to this development of stepping down as president of Guinea-Bissau, the country had two presidents where Cipriano was made president by law makers after finding out how the elections were rigged last December.


Before Cipriano was made president, outgoing President José Mário Vaz had unofficially handed power to former army general, Umaro Cissoko Embaló behind closed doors. PAIGC party founder and flagbearer, Peraira, who led Guinea-Bissau to independence disapproved Mr Embaló’s inauguration, describing the election as fake and rigged.

With the party having it majority of it people in parliament, they elected Mr Cassamá, the then parliamentary speaker, as interim president, until the Supreme Court ruled on its bid to neutralize Mr Embaló’s victory as president of Guinea-Bissau. Mr Cassama said he stepped down due to the countless death threats he was receiving from unidentified people.
He said:
I have no security, my life is in danger, the life of my family is in danger, the life of this people is in danger. I cannot accept that, that is why I took this decision”.

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