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Cut The Nonsense, I Never Sellout –Addi Self Hit Hard On Shatta Wale (Screenshot)

Real niggas don’t expose secrets after misunderstandings”, the phrase here tells it all that Shatta Wale is fake for not keeping his mouth shut after he parted ways with the militants.

Jafaro Mohammed, who was part of the militants and known specifically as Addi Self has punched Shatta Wale in the face, tells his former boss Shatta Wale to cut the nonsense since he never sellout.

According to Addi Self, he has warned Bloggers and radio presenters disturbing him in granting interviews to stay away from him, he’s never interested in none of them.

In addition, he said, he’s not ready to explain what transpired between the Militants and their former boss Shatta Wale to the public.

The ongoing pandemonium between the militants and the CEO of Shatta Movement keeps propagating as Addi self shades Shatta Wale for disclosing to fans why they were sacked.

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