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Don’t Let Celebs Be Idols To Your Children – TeePhlow Advises Parents

Rapper, TeePhlow has cautioned parents to train their children properly and not to leave the moral upbringing of the child to celebrities.

TeePhlow who was speaking from his base in the USA due to the coronavirus lockdown told Amansan Krakye on Radio Central that, “Proverbially", it is said that no one teaches the child that there is God. Parents must train their children morally in order not to copy blindly from celebrities.

“You see when we were growing up, we mingled with a lot of friends who did all kinds of bad things. But some of us due to the good parenting we had we always eschew bad deeds.

“Don’t always take celebrities as people who will shape the morals of your child. Though celebrities are role models, they are humans with different characters.
“An artist may endorse an alcoholic beverage on TV or radio just for the monetary gains but might not even drink that product in reality.

“So those who are arguing that if we allow celebs to advertise alcoholic drinks we will be influencing kids badly, please train your child by setting a good example as a parent and also teach them God’s word in order to shun all forms of social vices”.
The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has banned all celebrities in Ghana from advertising alcoholic beverages with the aim of avoiding unnecessary bad influence on kids who see these celebs as role models.

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