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Heavy Rainfalls At Penyi Three Days After The Arrest of Two Priests Who Stopped Rainfall With Their Deities

Heavy rainfall

There has been heavy rain at Penyi located in Ketu North Municipality, which has left the residence of the township in shock as they have not experienced such cat and dog raining moment for a couple of months until few days after the alleged priests who used their voodoo gods to seize rainfall were arrested.

This occurred on Sunday, for an hour with thunderstorms and lightning.

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Residents of the town have since the rainfall being happy as they consider it a blessing to continue with farming and other cultivating activities.

The story on the arrest of these two young men was reported by GhanaWeb on Sunday May 1, 2020. Considering their report, these two convicts were apprehended after the chief of the town divulged that, they were the reason the township has short water as they have spiritually held the rainfall.

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Hearing this and considering the shortage of water in the town, the residents got furious which caused them to deal with the two priests following their arrest.

Due to the spiritual aspect of the reported case, the two priest s have however been released from police custody.


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