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NDC MP For Bongo Donates ‘Kalahari Bitters’ To Fight COVID-19

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bongo Constituency in the Upper East Region, Edward Abambire Bawa has taken the fight against Coronavirus in the country to a different level.

As different strategies have been deployed to prevent the spread of the disease, the NDC MP has decided to present bottles of a local gin ‘Kalahari bitters’ to his constituents in his rounds of campaigning and sensitization on the COVID-19.

It is unclear the motive behind him distributing the bitters but Mr. Bawa claimed the drink was to be used to pour libation for the constituency and the country for spiritual protection against the virus.
“Our fight against COVID 19 took us to Nayire and parts of Adaborobisi where we visited the elderly to talk to them about the disease and to also donate a few items to them. The items are mainly: sanitizers, face masks and a bottle of alcohol meant for pouring libation on behalf of the people of Bongo in particular and Ghana in general’’ he claimed.

However, the choice of alcohol defeats the purpose of his the presentation as traditional libations are either poured with Schnapps, brewed pito or pure local gin.

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