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REPENT: Recent Deaths Have Forced Me To Stop Past Life; Yaa Jackson Tells (WATCH)

Actress cum singer, Yaa Jackson says she is a repented soul and would no longer dressed provocatively as she used to.

The singer who will do anything to get the attention of the press in a post on social media said she’s worried about the recent death cases around the world.

To her, it is time to unbag all her wayward life style and build something that will sustain her and take her to heaven where she will sit the right hand side of God.
Making this known in a post on Instagram, the musician said “Pastlife over". Recognized my savior now and in him is life. I’m more than aware now we will die and leave everything on this earth. 
My repentance is because of the Death happening across the world now. 

"Save me Daddy Jesus”.

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