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SAD NEWS: How A Pretty Ghanaian Lady Was Bathed With Acid In Saudi Arabia

She traveled from Ghana for greener pastures in Saudi Arabia; little did the once pretty Memuna Malik know that she would return home one day looking like a “ghost”.

It was at a home in the Gulf State, where Memuna had gone to had her hair braided, that a fellow Ghanaian woman, Salomey, who had intended to bathe the hairdresser, Rabi (another Ghanaian), with acid missed her target, landing the abrasive chemical right on the face of the once angelic looking Memuna, disfiguring her instantly.

Crime Check Foundation, a human interest nonprofit organization which has started a fundraising drive for Memuna Malik posted pictures of her previous looks and current situation and said, “Now back home, Memuna who used to be the breadwinner of her family is dying slowly. 
With no money to go to hospital, she has completely given up on life and prefers to die. Her saddest day was when some kids saw her and started running away because they thought they had seen a ghost.”
Some donors of the Crime Check Foundation have donated GHC 4000 for Memuna Malik “to immediately seek medical care. We hope others will also come to the aid of our suffering sister after reading this piece. May God bless all those who supported”, the foundation announced.
It is unclear what triggered the attacker’s action and what her fate is at the moment.

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