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Tipper Truck Thief Runs Over Driver Killing Him On the Spot

A daring tipper truck thief has run over a driver killing him on the spot at a fuel station at Afienya on the Akosombo-Tema road in the Greater Accra Region report by

The suspect Emmanuel Kuwornu together with the Green tipper truck with registration number GN 2884 -15 is in the custody of the police.

According to the Afienya police, the deceased driver went to a vulcanizing shop a Star oil Petrol Station – Afienya  they were approached by a young man at a  vulcanizing station to inflate the tyre of his tipper truck.
That the deceased alighted from the truck and was standing by, but whiles the vulcanizer  was inflating the tyre, the suspect  all of a sudden, emerged from the nearby bush jumped into the driver’s seat of the truck and moved it.
The deceased believed to be in his 40s made an attempt to stop him from stealing his truck but the suspect ran over him killing him instantly and sped off.

 A police patrol team after receiving distress call pursued the suspect and caught up with him at Compass Fuel Station near Army recruit training school, Shai-Hill
Police proceeded to the scene of the crime and a male of about  40 years wearing a pair of black jeans and a black Lacoste T-shirt with blood oozing from his nose and mouth lying in a prone position dead  on the shoulders of the road near Afienya star oil fuel station

The has since been  removed and conveyed to Police hospital morgue for preservation and autopsy.

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