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[VIDEO] Sofo Maame Shows Her “Dross” On Live Video To Fight Amankrado (Maame Ng3g3)

Popular Ghanaian priestess living in Scotland has been annoyed by someone called Amankrado and youtube vlogger Maame Ng3g3 to the extent of taking off her pants on live social media.
In a fast going viral video across media platforms, this woman, seemingly very angry from what could have been a beef started long ago takes off her rings, pioto, and beads as she tells how she’s ready to fight Amankrado and Maame Ng3g3.

Currently, what brought the whole brawl is about not yet known but some diggings are going to be carried and bring you all the juice!
In the meantime, watch the video below, tell us what you think  in the comment section.

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