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Angry Rev. Obofour Attacks Those Mocking Him | VIDEO

Founder of Anointed Palace Reverend Obofour  alleged to be one of the controversial of pastors in Ghana as he does not give room to anyone who wants to tarnish his image or that of anyone close to him.
In a video sighted online, Obofour sounded furious, announcing his intention to make life difficult for anyone who mentions his wife or kids in any conversation.

According to him, some people have falsely spread rumours that his wife fainted upon hearing the news of his mother’s death.
He said his mother has neither passed away nor has his wife fainted in recent times hence he does not know what at all people want from him by saying things that are untrue.
He went on to ‘degrade’ the person who started the rumor, cursing that the fellow will never know peace until he/she begs for saying false things about his wife and mother.

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