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Archbishop Duncan Williams’ Son, Daniel Williams humbly apologises to his father After Posting His S3x Videos

The son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams, Daniel Williams has finally apologized to his father for his social media uproar.
A few weeks ago, Daniel Williams willingly shared videos of himself and some ladies on social media where he was seen enjoying the private parts of these ladies.

He later shared a video of himself dancing while his tiny looking “Langa Langa” was showing.

In a post shared on his twitter handle, Daniel William apologized to his father indicating that he’s sorry for all the accusations he made about him.
He further indicated that Duncan Williams is the best father and showed his appreciation for being by his side despite the trials and tribulations.
He wrote;
Dear daddy @archbishopNick I would to humbly apologize for the false accusations…You are the best father anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for loving me even through all the trials and tribulations.

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