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Armed Men Destroys Property Of High Commissioner of Nigeria In Accra

The residence of the High Commissioner of Nigeria which is in Ghana has been flounced by some unidentified armed with machines like bulldozers, to destroy the infrastructure.
These apartments were built in order to accommodate staff and other guests and visitors who visit the office of the High Commission.
According to an editor of Joy News, who was at the scene, the staff and other people present were threatened to stay off without involvement if not they would be shot and cleared as well.

Emmanuel Kabutey ” security Head at the office of the High Commission” explained that the head of the gang informed them that, their actions to demolish the building was an order from above, with the involvement of the National security and that, anybody who interferes would be dealt with.
“When the police came, they did not come to us or any other person but rather went straight to the man [leader of the armed men] they had a friendly chat, exchanged numbers with him and allowed him to go.”
“When they came back in, they took pictures but did not ask me or my boys anything,”.
Emmanuel Kabutey lamented, complaining bitterly about the actions of the police.

The sudden attack and damage of the building made the Acting High Commissioner distracted and fearful which has caused him to go into hiding since the incident occurred, who was present when the incident happened, is said to be terrified, and has gone into hiding.

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