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COVID-19 UPDATE: Ghana’s Confirmed Cases Hit 8070 With 2947 Recoveries

President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo has revealed that the number of cases has increased once again after new cases were identified.

In the President’s 10th Nation address, he said that the country have conducted over 200,000 tests, and out of these tests 8070 coronavirus cases have been identified.
According to him, out of these 8070 cases, 36 have lost their life and 2947 have recovered.

He further noted that of the 8070 cases 13 persons are severely ill with 3 in critical condition as one person is on a ventilator.
He said;
“Fellow Ghanaians, as of today 31st May 2020, we have conducted 218,425 tests.
The number of positives stands 8070, 2947 persons have recovered, 36 have sadly died.
13 persons are severely ill with 3 critically ill for which one is on a ventilator. Remaining 5087 are responding to treatment at home, isolation centers, and hospitals.

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