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Focus On Your L€sbian Daughter Who’s Based In The U.S. – Kennedy Agyapong’s Favourite Baby Mama Drops Another Bombshell (WATCH)

Moira Lawson; Honourable Kennedy Agyapong’s troublesome baby-mama has for the umpteenth time disclosed some unpleasant truths about the famous AGYAPONG FAMILY.
The outspoken and controversial baby-mama has deliberately ignited an agenda arrayed at denting the hard-earned envied reputation of the vociferous legislator.

On the authority of Moira Lawson, one amongst Kennedy Agyapong’s favourite daughter is a popular l€sbian in the United States.
These thunderclaps were marked by the law-makers earlier comments which without mincing words; clearly stated that, he would rather use his money on harlots than to pay his wayward daughter (Annel’s) tution fees because she’s disrespectful and stiff-necked.
Moira Lawson happens to be the mother of drug-addicted-cum-prostitute Annel Agyapong.

watch the video below;

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