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Former Junior Pastor Reveals How Nigel Gaisie Used Fake Prophecy To Destroy Lilwin And His Manager, Zack (WATCH)

Kakra Essien who happened to be a former junior pastor will not give his former boss, Nigel Gaisie a breathing space as he goes on to reveal all the dirty secrets of the man of God including how he destroyed the relationship between Lilwin and Zack.
Famous Kumawood actor cum musician, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, and his manager, Zack have been mentioned as one of the many victims of Nigel Gaisie’s fake prophecy.

Nigel Gaisie has been mentioned as the main orchestrator of the brawl between Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Zack which led to their split that has brought about an eminent hatred between both parties.

According to Kakra Essien, Nigel Gaisie gave Lilwin a fake prophecy about how his manager is using black magic against the actor.
He said, Nigel, upon seeing Lilwin at his church prophesied that the actor’s inability to soar higher in all angles is coming from his manager, Zack. Nigel, as per Kakra Essien’s account, asked Lilwin to cut ties with his then manager, Zack, else he will meet and untimely death.
Kakra Essien on Net 2 Tv’s “THE SEAT” show stated without mincing words that Nigel’s prophecies were never true and that it was planned without the knowledge of the actor, Lilwin.

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