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Former ST. Louis SHS student, Aisha Whose Atopa Video Leaked Is Now A Proud Ł£sb!αή

It would be recalled that, somewhere in 2018, a threesome video of Aisha, who is now a former student of ST. Louis SHS found its way on various social media platforms.
In the viral video, Aisha was being banged heavily by 3 guys. The video was recorded earlier and the person who had the video used it to blackmail her.

He demanded s3x and cash every time, Aisha who was obviously tired from the blackmailing gave the guy the green light to leak the video.

While some feel although Aisha, 19 was just abused by those boys because she was naive, some feel, she knew what she was in for because she’s a ‘bad’ girl.

The latest development has it that, Aisha, is now a proud lesbian!

A Twitter user with username @Top_Gyal who is on the mission on exposing Ghanaian ladies who belong to the LGBT community blown Aisha’s cover.

The former St. Louis SHS student was one of the first ladies whose name was mentioned by the lady in her exposé.

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