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Funny Face Is Obviously Going Mad As He Is Seen Eating And Talking To Himself At The Mall (VIDEO)

Situation of Ghanaian comic actor, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face is getting worse as sunsets and sunrises each day so far as his mental health is concerned.

A paparazzi captured the popular Chorkor Trotro actor talking to himself and eating outside as he sat on a barricade at the West Hills Mall earlier yesterday.

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We all know Funny Face has had a lot to handle so far as his personal life is concerned. His issues with his baby mama has taken a serious downturn on him emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The actor has been sighted in series of videos doing abnormal things and all people keep wondering is whether he will ever recover from the trauma that his previous wives have brought upon him, it appears there is not going to be a recovery.

Though he claims he does not want to live a fake life, we think Funny Face is either overdoing it or has been affected by the ongoings mentally as he was seen eating outside the famous WEST HILLS MALL without shame.

Per the footage in our possession, a security personnel even tried to help the comic actor eat at an appropriate place, but he refused to accept the offer as he continued to enjoy his meal on the barricade.

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Before he was served the meal, a lonely Funny Face was seen in the video rocking his white shirt with black flowers, a trouser, and a Nike airforce sitting on a red barricade talking to himself.

If this does not prove he is not well, then we don’t know what else would convince the world that the actor needs serious help, both physically and emotionally. We pray he gets one before he goes mad!

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