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Ghanaian MPs Are Poor – Honourable Kennedy Agyapong Claims

NPP trustworthy supporter and firebrand for the earlier mentioned political party, who’s also a representative in parliament for Assin North constituents has without mincing words; stated emphatically that his compeers in parliament are poor.
According to the law-maker who’s utterances are decidedly quirky, legislators are paid peanuts as their salary.

Clashing with what has already been subscribed in the minds of Ghanaians that MPs are well-heeled, Kennedy Agyapong believes otherwise.
In line with his submissions during an interview with Atinka Tv, the controversial and outspoken politician-cum-bussiness man disclosed that, MPs in Ghana earn Ghc 11,000 at the month of every month.

Citing from the “chop-monies” he professed to give to his wives which he disclosed is not less than Ghc20,000 – instinctively making his expenditure exceed his wages.
To concisely put, he aired that many of the parliamentarians we assume are moneyed do not even have more than Ghc 500,000 in their numerous bank accounts combined because they depend solely on their salaries for survival with no assets to rage in other revenues.

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