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I’m Not Struggling To Find A Husband – Efya

Ghanaian female songstress and powerful vocalist, Jane Awindor known in showbiz as Efya has debunked the notion that most females including her who are successful don’t easily find marriage partners or go through a divorce as their career begins to blossom.

It is common to find most successful women single or divorced due to their various professional endeavours but some people claim the reason might be that men can’t handle women who are better off than them in a relationship.

However, the vocal goddess Efya believes that everyone’s wish is to have that special person that will love them unconditionally and that the focus shouldn’t be on why most career or successful women can’t easily find marriage partners.
Efya made these revelations in an exclusive virtual interview with Cape Coast’s finest radio personality, Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio, when she was asked why most career or popular female celebrities are not married.

She replied “I’m not sure it’s difficult for successful women or career women to marry. Because my mother is a successful woman but she’s happily married to a hardworking person. 
“So I think it’s not a factual statement. I just feel like in life everybody wants to find the love they desire. If you have somebody who can love you unconditionally it is so sweet. 
“I think that is what should be concentrated on instead of considering being a successful woman or not. In that context also whether you are successful or not you still deserve some love on both sides for the man as well. 

“If we understand ourselves that way love will not be excommunicated as it is right now”, she concluded.
Efya is a 33-year-old singer, songwriter and actress from Kumasi who is not married currently. She is the daughter of Nana Adwoa Awindor, a filmmaker and celebrity host of the late television show Greetings from Abroad.

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