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Just In: Rev Obofour Storms Next TV With Policemen To Arrest Nana Hoahi Over Murder Allegations On Live TV

Founder of Anointed Palace Chapel Rev Obofour marches policemen to arrest Mr. Nana Hoali over murder allegations on live tv
After days of him being accused by pastor Elijah and now Nana Hoali over allegations that he is the type of man of God who is very thirsty for human blood.

He made sure Pastor Elijah was arrested were he had no other choice but to deny all he said wasn’t true

Nana Hoahi of Next TV fame who is at the moment adopting Kennedy Agyapong’s style of bringing to light fake pastors tried it on Rev Obofour on certain evil deeds he claims the preacher has been practicing behind the scenes.

Hoahi alleged that Rev Obofour has been using human blood for rituals. Rev Obofour after hearing these attestations leveled against him made an official complaint to the Ghana Police Service which has eventually led to the arrest of Nana Hoahi. He is currently at the police custody to aid in the investigation.
In the meantime, he has Mr. Nana Hoali arrested for the same allegations labelling him as a murderer.

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