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Kennedy Agyapong’s Wayward Daughter, Mother Apologizes After Anell’s Heartwarming Message

The baby mama of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s drug addict daughter has joined to render an apology after swearing on exposing the lawmaker.
The woman who is identified as Moira Dawson-Williams came on a Facebook live stream to insult her old lover for dishing out their daughter’s secret on radio.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong revealed to have disowned his wayward daughter for dropping out of school to become a prostitute and a drug addict which attracted a heavy bash from Moira.
Yesterday being the Father’s Day, the firebrand politician received a heartwarming apology from her daughter as she seeks for forgiveness.
Meanwhile, the mother has also joined the wagon to also render apology on her behavior towards the situation.

Check post below….
Dear Ken,
Please accept my apology as I feel contrite about my reaction to your utterances regarding our daughter. I know my behaviour was deprived of decorum, and I am sorry.
I feel awful and admit that, irrespective of whatever my reasons were, I could have done better. Unfortunately, I cannot alter what I did, but I can assure you that, it will never happen again.
Kindly accept my apology.

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