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Kwaku BS Leaves La Même Gang After Rape Allegations Against RJZ And Darkovibes (Details)

La Même Gang member Kwaku BS has surprised social media with a message on his decision to leave the music collective.
We reported recently on how a number of ladies accused RJZ and his band member, Darkovibes of drugging and raping women, with evidence.

Meanwhile, Kwaku Bs who seems to be an open advocate for women’s rights and against rape took to social media page today to announce his quitting from the collective.

Although his resignation note was not straight forward, the one and only message that could be picked from the write up was on “rape”.
Could Kwaku BS had left the group because the rape allegations against two members of his former group?

Read his statement below.

I, Michael Kwaku Boateng (KwakuBs) wish to officially and publicly announce my split from “La Meme Gang”. I am no longer a part of the collective known as, La Meme. The last three years of my journey with the collective have been an unforgettable one, and one I will always cherish. I’ve met and interacted with many wonderful supporters and had the opportunity to share my sound and craft with you all; For that, I am grateful.
Owing to irreconcilable differences between myself and the management, as well as the membership of the collective, I have chosen to leave. I appreciate the love and support of my family, friends and supporters which was shown to me during that point in time. I am entering a new chapter of my journey and I’m thrilled to show you all as soon as the time is right.
We are all experiencing a shift in light of the current social climate. Things are changing and we cannot afford to stay silent and stick to old patterns and systems, no matter how comfortable. I acknowledge the allegations and actions recently put forth against two members of my former collective, La Meme. I wish to say, neither their actions nor beliefs align with and represent that of mine. To all the brave and strong women who have acknowledged and recognized their power, I see you and I am in awe of your strength. This is NOT a time to be silent about any form of injustice, especially ones committed against black women.
I am slowly and painfully realizing all the ways I have been complicit in this system and cycle of injustice, and my heart is heavy. Be that as it may, each new day comes with countless fresh opportunities to right our individual wrongs, and ultimately that of the society. This new chapter of my journey is directed at uncompromising respect and recognition of women both in lending my voice and through action. I want my family, friends and supporters to follow along with me in this direction. I cannot, we cannot continue to remain complacent in the face of this injustice.
Live Free, Kwaku BS.

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