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List Of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Allegedly On The Payrolls Of Popular Fraud Boys Surfaced Online

Some female celebrities have been fingered in the latest list of Ghanaian celebrities who are on the payrolls of popular fraud boys here in Ghana and Africa at large.
We all know how our female celebrities, without any 9 to 5 job in the known or an active gig in the entertainment industry live extravagant lives and embark on expensive trips around the world.

On several occasions, we try to dig the sources of their finances but we come up with nothing aside allegations, and currently, similar allegations have popped up on the internet.
According to an anonymous account with the username, The Hustle Will Pay, these female celebrities who have been listed depend on the payroll of boys who scam white clients for a living.
The Hustle Will Pay alleged that these fraud boys steal and use credit cards to pay for these celebs’ trips to Dubai, book expensive hotels, and also pay ahead of time for their expensive shopping sprees.

The sighted list in a series of posts made by The Hustle Will Pay included Hajia4real, Salma Mumin, Jackie Appiah, Sandra Ankobiah, Moesha Bouduong, Okoro, Joycelyn Dumas, etc.

It is said that they were captured after the white clients who had their monies stolen by the Ghanaian big boys traced purchases made through the stolen credit cards.
See The Screenshots Below:

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