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Lord Kenya Goes Berserk, Rains Curses On Okomfuo Kwadee And His Ungrateful Family

Out of the blues, Lord Kenya has retracted his earlier words of honour which elucidated that; he has arrayed in primal protocols of seeing to the well-being of at-the-door-of-death Okomfuor Kwadee.

According to Evangelist Lord Kenya; he was further threatened with a law suit if he ignores the caution and plays stiff-necked
On the authority of the aforementioned clergyman, it’s obvious the ANAABA family has a hand in Okomfuor Kwadee’s adversities.
In brief, he said;
Okomfuor Kwadee’s family is evil, they want to see Okomfuor Kwadee dead. How can they threaten to sue me if i continue helping the dying musician. Evil people, they will never see light in thier lives.

These curses another bombshells were dropped on the ANAABA family in the dying minutes of a live Instagram video session the exasperated evangelist hosted.

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