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Meet 2 Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Kissed In Movies Before

Although acting borders on fictionalism whereby an actor impersonates a character in order to develop the plot of a story, these two actresses here say they have a limit that defines their work.

Both Nollywood stars say kissing is a no go area for them. Let’s see why;

1. Judy Austin

Judy Austin was born Muoghalu Uchechukwu Judith. She’s also a movie producer with two movies to her credit: ‘Native Girl’ and ‘Fear.

She once told Potpourri in an interview about things she can’t do as an actress: “I’m not going naked for any amount, and I hardly kiss in a movie. I will not do a kind of kissing where the guy would be fondling my breasts. I must not go nude to be a star. I shouldn’t do what my kids or family will see and be ashamed of. My limit is, I don’t do nude and I don’t do over romantic films.”

2. Ruth Kadiri

Ruth once told Silverbird Television in an interview that kissing is against her beliefs and wouldn’t compromise on that. “As a scriptwriter, I can identify a good or bad script, and once a script is bad, I  try not to be a part of it,” she added.
The actress went further to state that aside from the script being good or bad, the script should also not be contrary to her beliefs.

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